Euro 4x4 Trial 2014

After three years of hard work, its time to reap the benefits!

We have finally managed to unify regulations in the north of Spain, and create a new 4x4 Trial Championship: The Fighters 4x4 Trial Championship. The aim is to revive the 4x4 trials competitive spirit. Created and directed "for and by" Trial 4x4 drivers, the aim is also to provide all possible facilities to the pilots and organizers.

1st Stage: Galizano (Santander) 16th & 17th May

It was a great first stage where the participants and their vehicles gave their all and offered a show to remember!

The TRIAL FIGTHERS 4X4 championship couldn’t have started better! They will be back on the 27th of June in León, to continue the battle!


(source photos: facebook Trial Ayto De Ribamontán Al Mar)



  1. Angel Rey
  2. Jorge Fernández
  3. Iker Llaguno


  1. David Pérez - Amador Pérez
  2. Manuel Tanoira - Antonio Barbeito
  3. Diego González - Héctor Pérez


  1. Raúl Diez - Diego Alvarez
  2. Enrique Pérez - José Antonio López
  3. Kepa Andrés - José Angel Santamaría


  1. Rubén Azkunaga
  2. Sergio Mirallas - Mayte Alvarez
  3. Jacobo Blanco - Ricardo Blanco


Four sports clubs make up the Organising Committee:

  • C.D Hommer Team 4×4
  • C.D Volkete 4×4
  • C.D Pedriña  
  • C.D Pin Proyect 4×4.

Elaborate regulations governs the championship, based on an adaptation of the European 4x4 Trial Championship. The view is to potentially organize the Eurotrial in Spain in 2018.

All the top Spanish drivers will be present. There are five categories so that all types of 4x4s can take part, from the strictest series category to the prototypes, all with regulatory safety measures. The sum of the rounds gives a ranking for each category, and there will be opportunities to participate in the San Marino Eurotrial 2015.

Where and When?

The championship consists of 4 rounds to be held in:

  • Galizano (Santander) 16th-17th May
  • Villaturiel (Leon) 27th-28th June
  • Trucios (Pays Basque) 15th-16th August 
  • Llanos de Alba (Leon) 24th-25th October

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All the photos in this article were taken on authorized roads or tracks, private land, or during supervised competitions. Let's all do our part to preserve the environment!