Why replace headlights and indicators?

       Over time and with off-road use, the headlights on your 4x4 have certainly aged. So don't hesitate to replace them with models that will give your vehicle a "facelift".

In this article, we'll show you step-by-step how easy it is to change your vehicle's headlights and indicators.

The example of headlight and indicator replacement shown here was done on a Nissan Y61. 

This tutorial is valid for virtually all 4x4 models.  


 To change the headlights and indicators on your Nissan Patrol Y61, you need :

. A flathead screwdriver

. A Phillips screwdriver   


 To give you an idea of the level of difficulty of our tutorials, we've graded them from 1 to 5.

Changing headlights and indicators on a 4x4 is level 1   


1 - The old headlights and indicators on this 2002 Patrol Y61.

2 - First, remove the radiator grille.

3 - There are four clips at the top of the grille and a larger one behind the Nissan logo.

4 - There are clips on either side of the lower grille, which can be removed with a flathead screwdriver.

5 - Details of how to remove the upper and lower grille fasteners.

6 - Once the grille has been removed, start by removing the first headlight screw.

7 - To access the other screws, remove the indicator by removing the top screw.

8 - As well as this rod, which must be unscrewed and then lifted.

9 - Then gently pull the indicator forwards to remove it and disconnect the plug.

10 - Detail of the clip holding the indicator.

11 - With the indicator removed, you have access to the two screws on the side of the headlight.

12 - There are still two screws to remove from the strip below the headlight.

13 - Gently pull forward to disconnect the headlight sockets.

14 - The headlight and indicator have been removed.

15 - Move the new headlight closer to its position and secure it with the screws. Don't forget to reconnect the plugs.

16 - Refit the indicator and don't forget to reconnect the plug.

17 - After screwing in the indicator and headlight, this side is finished.

Follow the same procedure on the other side to fit the grille.

18 - After changing the headlights and indicators, the Patrol has been given a new lease of life!


Find the headlights and indicators to suit your vehicle:

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