A successful first leg!

The sun shone down throughout the weekend at Colle San Bartolmeo (Imperia) for the first leg of the Italian XTC 2015 4x4 championship.

Old and new drivers met-up as 22 teams competed across the 3 categories.

This was a challenging first stage and saw competitors progress with caution yet still offering a feast for the eyes for the enthusiastic crowds.

We're already looking forward to the 2nd stage which takes place over the 11th -12th April in Attimis (Udine).

General ranking

Superserie Category

1 - Alessandrini Tiberiani

2 - Scianna Sturniolo

3 - Sturniolo Scianna

Preparati Category

1 - Morandini Morganti

2 - Arrigucci Arrigucci

3 - Nardi Adami

4 - Rubechini Franceschini

5 - Moretti Veneruso

6 - Pieraccioli Rindi

7 - Piumi Giovannetti

8 - Gasparri Manuali

9 - Tironi Bassanelli

10 - Mazzilli Mazzilli

11 - Cecchini Papini


1 - Buggiani Pellegrini

2 - Collarini Koci

3 - Tadini Fiorenza

4 - Cognini Aguzzi

5 - Cordola Buse

6 - Penna Tuffanelli

7 - Scaglione Scaglione

8 - Fernandes Lavedere

(credit photo: Paolo Baraldi)

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