Valongo – 1st round of the NC 4x4 Trial Portugal

The first round of the Portuguese Championship took place in the pouring rain on ground that was a quagmire. The twenty teams taking part had to overcome a number of obstacles and difficulties.




Category Absoluto

1.TáBô 4x4 Team Flávio Gomes/Rui Carvalho (Jeep Wrangler)

2. Dedilland/Tuff 4x4 Jorge Araújo/Joel Silva (Land Rover Td5 110)

3.Preparações Badinho 4x4 Team Pedro Costa/Rui Ferreira (Nissan Navara)

Category XL

1.Valvolinas XS5 Team Carlos Rodrigues/José Sobral (Toyota BJ73 Proto XS5)

2.JMF Frederico Fernandes/António Azevedo (Wrangler XS5)

3.Mister Reboques António Henriques/Marcelo Lopes (Wrangler XS5)

Category Promoção

1.TransAct Lat Team Rui Policarpo/Ricardo Barreira (Land Rover Defender Td5)

2. Canelas Pneus - António Silva/Luís Bacelo (Nissal Patrol GR)

The next meeting is on the 12th of April in Torres Vedras!

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