TheBaja Almanzora 2015is technically very difficult, which explains the large consumption of tyres and why some competitors were forced to stop, notably the Gisbertbrothers!

TheBaja Almanzorais the off-road competition with the most kilometres,700in total!

Heavy rain over a number of days made the course very muddy and in some sections, participants found themselves up to their chins in water!

Therough course made for a very interesting competition. The public and the competitors really enjoyed it, only the tyres complained as they suffered on the rugged course!

Victory went to the BraziliansJoao ProcopioandCarolina Cadavid(Mitsubishi Montero), followed byJorge SaezandJuan Marín(Toyota Hilux) and third place went toLuis Miguel AlvarezandValentin Julià (Mitsubishi Montero).

Alejandro VivasandRafael Vinagre(Mitsubishi Montero) won the T2 category.


The next round is the Baja Andalucíaon the30th and 31st of May!

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