4x4 competition - Todoaventura 4x4 Team
Todoaventura 4x4 Team

Enthusiasm, effort and full throttle!

The championship starts in the region of Murcia with the IV 4x4 Rally Tierras Altas de Lorca, then theres the second edition of the Baja Almanzora, in Andalusia (Malaga or Granada). After crossing through Andalusia the championship goes to Teruel for the Baja Aragón. After a summer break, the September stages will be intense in Burgos and Guadalajara. The championship is back in the region of Burgos Verra this year where the championship has been well supported in the past. As for Guadalajara, it was the revelation of 2014!

This season kicks off with plenty of enthusiasm and effort. There is a 4x4 raid endurance stage to comply with the 2015 standards. Participants will do no less than 600 km in total. Serón (Almeria) will host its stage on 4x4 circuits of 15 and 20 kilometres. (source: campeonatott.es)


1.   7th and 8th arch – 4x4 Rally Tierras Altas de Lorca (Murcia)

2.   18th and 19th April - Baja Almanzora (Almeria)

3.   30th and 31st May - Baja Andalucía (Malaga or Grenada)

4.   25th and 26th July - Baja Aragón (Teruel)

5.   5th and 6th September - Baja Burgos (Burgos)

6.   26th and 27th September – 4x4 Rally Guadalajara (Guadalajara)

7.   28th and 29th November - 12 hour 4x4 endurance Serón (Almeria)

Our team racing

Javier Gisbert Santander & Alfonso Gisbert Santander -  Todoaventura 4x4 Team

Tierras Altas de Lorca Rally

6th to 8th March - Lorca (Murcia - Spain)

17th to 19th April - Baja Almanzora (Almería - Spain)

24th to 26th July - Baja Aragón (Spain)

4th to 6th September - Baja Burgos

Find the 2014 edition HERE

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