4x4 competition - Transilvania Aventura 2015

Transylvania means "beyond the forest" and is aptly named!


Imagine being able to practice your favourite activity: Off-roading aboard your favourite vehicle, taking part in a super competition, all in the most beautiful woodlands of Eastern Europe. That's the Transilvania Aventura! The organisers have prepared road books that will allow you to drive, cross obstacles, use your winch and live out this great adventure. Come and join us on the 12th to the 17th of July!


The rules are clear: respecting the environment is paramount! The speed limit is 50km/h, all waste must be collected and participants must help those in need.

The aim is to complete the course taking care of your vehicle and the environment.

The special feature here is that the participants are working in teams of 2 vehicles.

The camp is in a small valley in the Zam region (60km from Deva).

(source:Transilvania Aventura)


  • Extreme
  • Adventure
  • Open

Vehicles accepted are side by sides andquads. They must use the road book of the Adventure category.

TheExtremecategory is the most difficult, with a demanding course: water passages, quagmires, rocks to cross, steep climbs or descents, amazing! Good navigation will be fundamental, and winches will be put to the test!

The Adventure class is traditional off-roading and is not against the clock. The driving is more relaxed, but you still have to complete the road book in the day. The organizers have tested the course in an old Toyota BJ4 and a HDJ80 and it can be done!

Transilvania Photos

(source : Sorin Olteanu - Euro4x4parts & T. Badia)

The firstTransilvania Aventurahas finished, everyone agrees:superb setting, magnificent, couldn’t have dreamt of better!

This edition however was a trial runbefore deciding on whether it’s possible to continue. There are a number of parameters to be refined or revised to ensure a high quality competition!

Our teams racing

Extreme Category

#201 - Franck Daurelle & Françoise Graciet-Hollender - Land Defender 105 

#202 - Jordi Abad & Txordi Badia - Mercedes GD 300

#205 - Kevin Dureau & Maxime Donat - Land Rover Range Rover

#206 - Paul Tessier & Enzo Evangelisti - Land Defender 110

#207 - François Tombi & Dylan Pontet - Land Defender 110 

#208 - Stéphane Soria & Jérémy Dureau - Land Defender TD5

#213 - Pascal Coulomb & Rodolphe Sorbier - Jeep YJ 

#214 - Stéphane Borg & Ludovic Armand - Mercedes GD 300

Adventure Category

#111 - Jason Cheevers & Xavier Merz - Suzuki Jimny

#112 - Florian Fabioux & Olivier Bosca - Suzuki Jimny

#115 - Julien Denavarre & Alexandre Denavarre - Suzuki Samurai  

#116 - Philippe Roy & Eric Labat - Suzuki Vitara

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All the photos in this article were taken on authorized roads or tracks, private land, or during supervised competitions. Let's all do our part to preserve the environment!