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Help - FAQ

Help - FAQ

If you would like to ask us a question about anything whatsoever, please contact us

How can I know that I'm buying the right part?

We have created a giant database containing the 60 makes of 4x4 available in Europe and more than 30,000 4x4 parts and accessories. Such a database, unique in Europe, did not exist before we created the first version in 2000.

The accuracy of the database (most of the parts are catalogued by their OEM part number) guarantees that you find the part you need. Of course, this depends on your correctly selecting your vehicle while you're shopping.

Is the delivery date guaranteed?

We have negotiated contracts with various shipping companies to offer our customers the quickest delivery possible, whether you are an retail or trade client in France or elsewhere in the world.<br><br> None of these shipping company offers 100% guaranteed delivery delays, however, the delivery date indicated on our site represents the most likely date, based on data provided by the shipper.

You can increase your chances of a speedy delivery by being as precise as possible in providing your delivery instructions, including what to do in case you are absent.

Is your online shopping basketreally secure?

We don't joke around with the quality of our parts, and we don't joke around with the security of your online payment.

Credit card payment on this site is more secure than in most of the local businesses you patronise. We use a secure server based on the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol -- the same system used by more than 80% of online businesses. This system assures the integrity and confidentiality of all data exchanged.

Our secure shopping basket system is called Paybox System (you'll find more information at payment info ) and is used by more than 300 French websites. It is operated by a respected financial company functioning independently of

PayBox Systems' secure server is the only place your credit card number is sent during the transaction.

Once you have entered your card number and expiration date, the PayBox server encrypts the information and sends it to an electronic bank network to verify the validity of your card and record the payment. Finally, your credit card number is erased from the Paybox server.

Your credit card number is never transmitted unencrypted on the internet, and it is never printed in any form whatsoever.

Finally, as with any business in France selling goods at a distance, is legally required to be affiliated with Banque de France.

Will my personal data be kept confidential?

The information that we ask for serves a single objective -- to better serve you. In other words, we ask only for information that helps us serve you better, and any information we ask you for is used only for that purpose.

Any information you give us will be used strictly for internal purposes by

And, in accord with the Computer and Liberty Law of 6 January 1978, you possess a ight to view and correct any personal data concerning you.
Just write to:
4600 route de Bayonne
and indicate your business name, first and last names, address and phone number.

How good is the quality of the parts you sell?

The parts we sell are better than good -- they are of excellent quality.. We never compromise on the quality of our parts -- we know that the safety of your vehicle depends on the parts you use to maintain it.

With this in mind, we sell articles from many of the big names in 4x4 parts: SKF, Lucas, Delphi, Bosch, Aisin, Valéo, Comline, Budweg, Mécatrans, Nippon Denso, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electrics, Koyo, Timken, GMB, NWP, Paraut, TRW, Baldwin, Crossland, NPR, Stone, AR Technology, Metelly, Masiero, Ferrodo, Mintex, Garett, ACL Mahle, Interparts, Coopers, Dana, Eaton, ZF, Mann, and others.

To fill out our line, we also sell genuine parts from Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, UMM, Suzuki, Land Rover, General Motors, Hyundai, Ssangyong, Kia, and others.

Sometimes we have the opportunity to bypass the big parts companies and o directly to their suppliers - this enables us to furnish you with these same high-quality parts at even lower prices.

Because of their importance to the safety of you and your passengers, we sell only brake pads and brake calipers from European suppliers. This is because European manufacturing regulations are much stronger that those of the United States or those (often nonexistant) in southeast Asia.

None of our products contain asbestos and all parts conform to the latest official norms.

What are's ethical obligations?

We consider to be a responsible citizen of the world. We do not accept any compromise in the following domains:

We will not sell parts produced by companies that employ children or prisoners.

We will not sell parts for which the method of production is damaging to the environment.

We respect all laws and regulations relating to employment and working conditions.

We scrupulously apply all European directives concerning the treatment and disposal of discarded parts and equipment.

Why does sell remanufactured parts?

A remanufactured part is a mechanical assembly that has been rebuilt, according to OEM quality standards, based on a second-hand part that has already lived a useful life

All major automobile parts suppliers worldwidenowadays propose remanufactured parts: engines, transmissions, air-conditioning compressors, starters and alternators, break calipers, and more.

There are two advantages for selling remanufactured parts:

Environment: remanufacturing a part consumes 80% less energy than it takes to produce a new part and few mineral and natural resources. Remanufacturing, as with all recycling, provides an ecologically sound way to avoid discarding used parts.

Economy: remanufactured parts are created from a part that has already been fabricated; the original brute fabrication operations have already been paid for. This allows us to provide you with quality parts at very competitive prices.

Of course, these advantages depend on the return of the original used part.

To ensure this, we ask for a deposit when invoicing the part. Your deposit is returned once we have received the old part and verified that it conforms to the return specifications of the exchange.

Just as with our new parts, the quality of remanufactured parts is never the object of compromise.'s remanufactured parts come only from the original fabricant using original components.

Please note : When invoicing new parts we sometimes invoice you for a refundable supplement on a standard exchange basis. This happens when there is a lack of old components for this type of part and we want to recover some to renovate them and put them back on the market at a more attractive price than a new part. Even if you do not personally benefit from this standard exchange part, remember that next time, you might be the one who will be happy to buy a standard exchange part rather than a new one. As soon as we receive your old part, we immediately refund the deposit.

If you have still have a question after reading this page, please contact us . If your question would be useful to other users, we'll add it to this page!