8th edition – 6th to 13th December, Morocco


Sin Fronteras Challenge: Adventure, Challenge and Prestige!

This is the first trophy that incorporates four types of navigation. From the very first edition the trophy has allowed the free use of any means of navigation, mapping and the use of SatNavs. The Sin Fronteras Challenge is more than a simple navigation trophy, "it’s a genuine personnel and team challenge."

Organizing a race of this magnitude is no easy task! As soon as the edition is finished its time to start organizing the next one. The race organisation is led by Néstor Tallada Pérez. The past year has been dedicated to exploring new areas, modifying and improving a number of aspects of the trophy, and now, at last, the new 2014 edition is ready!

The eighth edition introduces some important innovations in terms of navigation, stages and technicalities. There are two new stages and three stages that require locating waypoints. The race is designed so that participants can enjoy the scenery, large dunes, fast tracks and huge jebels.

2014's edition

2014's General ranking 


1- Inmobiliaria Uno - Raúl Ortiz C. & Raúl Ortiz N. #24

2- IIVimach Protrack Canarias - Isidro Viñol & Juan Tomás #47

3- Survival 4x4 - Andrés Fuertes - Marino San José #6


Ekolan 1 - Andoni Gangoiti & Alfonso Apodaka #18

Mapas by Caminos - Julián Bornas & Sebastián Amador #48

Sport Pilot - José M. González - Enrique Alonso #22


Dunas ATV - Jesús Cobo & Juan Pedro Sánchez - #39 et 40

In pictures

SFC ? What's it all about ?

It’s a desert navigation and orientation competition aimed at both experienced teams, accustomed to navigating or travelling in the desert, and beginners that are starting out in the field of competitions.

It’s an average length navigation raid covering five desert stages. A navigation race where the team must identify and reach different geographic coordinates (WP), located between the start and the finish points, all in a limited time. The team benfits from SatNav, computer, compass and map resources.

The event takes place across all kinds of terrain: rocky tracks, dunes, stretches of sand, jebels, mountain tracks, both day and night for certain special events.

This is a competition suitable for all types of 4x4 vehicles, buggies and quads, which compete in individual categories according to their preparation.

SFC is above all a passion for racing!

(credit: trofeosinfronteras.com & 4x4pasion.com)

Organization et Participation

The following vehicles compete: 4x4, SUV, Buggies and Quads (in teams of 2 quads).

Each team has two race control SatNavs in contact with the race organizers. Information is computerised by bar codes. Course information download and interpretation are automated.

More than ever, teamwork, stamina and strategy make all the difference throughout every stage.

You don’t need to ruin yourselves preparing the car for extreme conditions. You just need a solid vehicle, good tyres and above all, excellent driving skills.


  • Free use of navigation systems: SatNav, computers, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • All information on the race, regulations, photos WP of all stages, will be supplied on an MP5.
  • Tracking verification of the stages by the organizers SatNav: Garmin ETREX 10 (RAM Mount windscreen holder is supplied).
  • Way Point photos not required.
  • At each stage finish, a list of WP coveredby the team will be given to participants, together with any applicable sanctions.
  • Computerized claims for a quick resolution by the CED.
  • Express rankings on all stages via TV screen.

For more information see : trofeosinfronteras.com

Our teams competing

Francesc Gordiola and Xavi Gotés - Toyota KZJ90

Javi Aranguren and Joan Pérez - Toyota FJ Cruiser

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All the photos in this article were taken on authorized roads or tracks, private land, or during supervised competitions. Let's all do our part to preserve the environment!