Eurotrial 4x4

Mud, thrills and roaring engines... Fantastic!


4x4 Trials require discipline and total control of the vehicle. This sort of championship is always spectacular to watch.

 The Eurotrial is back this year in Crossodromo Baldasserona, in the republic of San Marino (Italy) on the last weekend of July!

General results - Proto

  1. Bohdan Nowy - Petr Koubal #502
  2. Patrick Deleze - Sara Courtine #503
  3. Jacobo Blanco - Susana Pernas #515
  4. Sergio Mirallas - Mayte Alvarez #516
  5. Primo Brandi - Simone Corazzini #518
  6. Anton Filimonov #511
  7. Ingemar Johansson - Andreas Bradel #514
  8. Pia Hossli - Daniel Halter #506
  9. Thomas May - Stephan Mueller #509
  10. Lee Pritchard - Ollie Mizen #507
  11. Ruben Azkunaga - Izaskun Santisteban #517
  12. Francesco Veltri - Romani Veltri #519
  13. Urs Halier - Stephanie Halter #504
  14. Radek Karas #513
  15. Vesa Muikku - Jesse Muikku #512
  16. Alexander Scheibe - Bodo Scheibe #510
  17. Conrad Casanova - Renato Kalin #505

In pictures

(source : Euro4x4parts & J. Salonen & Plasma 4x4)

A little history about the trial...

The competition began in1996in Germany, where it took place again the following year. Its an agility trial where any notion of speed is excluded. The Eurotrial can be compared to the most difficult rock crawling events in America.

Nearly 200 European teams meet annually.

The Race

Theres three days of competition on the last weekend of July or the first weekend of August.

The technical checks are on Friday and the competition begins on Saturday and continues on Sunday. It's from 8am to 6pm but the competition can continue until 8pm depending on the number of vehicles taking part.

At the end of the competition there is the Fellowship Festival when each country exchanges their traditional products.


There are five competition categories depending on the level of the vehicle preparation.

The event is made up of 8 to 10 sectorswith 5 obstacle passages. The zones are very dynamic and offer a great show to the public!

(Source: Sergio Mirallas)

Our teams taking part

Sergio Mirallas
Mayte Alvarez
Proto Steel Crawler V8 - Team CD Hommer
Proto Steel Crawler V8

Find out more about them HERE

Vesa Muikku
Jesse Muikku
Proto Mini XS - Team Jive Bunny Racing
Proto Mini XS

Take a look at the 2014 edition

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